Scrap Yard Near Me, Junk Yards & Salvage Yards

Finding old used and spare parts nearest you.

Are There Junk Yards Near Me?

If I want to find junk yards close by, then what do I do? Where do I look? Well, the obvious answer is to go to the internet and run some searches. In the olden days you would go to your hard copy yellow pages to look them up.

Here is a video about what one guy claims to be the world’s biggest junk yard. You can see that it appears to be endless rows of junk cars. Wouldn’t it be fun to walk the path between those rows?

Junk yards are also known as salvage yards. This is where used up vehicles and other automobiles end up. This article informs you of the gold mine that is junk yards. Most cars find their way to the junkyards when some parts stop working. The other parts remain in good condition and can be reused. This is specially so since junkyards are huge messes of non-biodegradable waste which can be tapped for environmental and economic benefits.

junk yards near meA junkyard can help one save a few dollars by providing the spare parts you need for your automobile to perform much better. Parts that can be swapped include exteriors, interiors parts, the engine etc. While some of the swapping can be easily done by just about anyone who has basic knowledge of cars, others require the skill of a professional in electronics or mechanics. With the recession and high unemployment rates, junk yards can be instrumental in prolonging the life of your car enabling you hold on to it much longer.

Shopping in Junkyards

Salvage places are shopping areas for automobile spare parts. Instead of buying new spare parts for your vehicle, finding used parts in the many automobiles in the junk yard is way cheaper. All you need to have is knowledge on the compatibility of your car parts as well as the manufacturer. Finding an older version of your car or a sibling model will ensure compatibility of the parts. Doing research on the internet is important before embarking on a shopping spree in the junk yards. Once you have acquired these far from new spares, it is important to be sensible during installation.

Mechanical engineering students have all they need in a junk yard. Not only can one assemble a car from the junk pieces in a salvage yard but one can also get to know car engines and other parts better. These yards are resourceful and invoke self-learning especially in young curious minds.